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What is Doika?

A computer program that is installed on your website and allows you to collect donations from visitors through direct card payments.

Doika is a new approach to fundraising of Belarusian non-profit civic organizations.

Services the Doika provides

1. Create fundraising campaigns.
2. Collect membership fees or donations from individuals.
3. Expand the circle of subscribers who can make monthly donations - [under development].

test installation Doika 1.2

Why is it better to use Doika?

You set the rules of fundraising.


No need to pay a large percentage from the collected amount.

By promoting your fundraising campaign, you promote your organization's website as well.

Secure payments via a bank card.

With Doika your supporters can make money transfers:


1. quickly

2. with the minimum of clicks

3. without

The supporters simply enter the bank card details and the required amount.

Where to install?

Doika - open source program, that means it’s free to use, modify and distribute.

The module can be installed on any management system (for example, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla), or on site without any CMS.

To install, read the full instruction.

Макет Макет

Screencasts of work via Doika

install Doika 1.2 installation help

How to support

How to contact us?

Today the module is being actively developed and we will be grateful to your feedback on our e-mail:

Technical support is available on our Telegram channel.

Or leave a comment to the code on Github.

You can find us in the office at: Z. Biaduli str., 3, room 2H
(Signboard "Фаланстэр")